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In an era when wearing several hats is fashionable and expected, one can still be a craftsman who upholds traditional, pre-WWII values.- wyborcza.pl Magazyn Świąteczny
The workshop owes its success to the combination of Aga Prus’ design skills and her father’s long experience of making high-quality shoes by hand.- Newsweek Polska
A visit to Aga Prus’s showroom shows this trade has a future as well as a past- Monocle, issue 70
Polish shoemaker par excellence. Aga Prus has kept in step with her shoemaking heritage to produce a small but perfectly formed selection of high-quality leather footwear.- howtospendit.com


A shoemaker watching my bare feet as I walk back and forth? Yes, that’s possible! And it’s a price that I gladly pay for comfortable shoes and for a unique relationship with the craftsman who is making them just for me.
Damian KotPresident of But w Butonierce Bespoke Social Club
I found Aga Prus when my previous shoemaker stopped meeting my requirements. Here, my needs were met with understanding. The shoes are manufactured exquisitely, with great attention to detail. The workshop boasts a wide range of leathers, and the cooperation between the designer and the manufacturer exceeded my already high expectations. I already have four pairs branded by Aga Prus, and I plan to order more. I recommend them to all men who expect their shoes to be their friends for life!
Dr. Adam Ledwoń
I am a very proud owner of a very comfortable, good looking pair of Aga Prus shoes which are now a key part of my wardrobe. I was very impressed with care and attention that Aga and her father took to ensure that my shoes exactly met my requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Aga to anyone who wants to invest in a pair of high quality, handmade shoes.
David DibleSenior Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson

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We are the only Polish brand listed in the album from Thames&Hudson which showcases 32 contemporary shoe designers from around the world.

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Monitor Magazine 3/2013
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